July 26, 1949 May 30, 1970  

PFC Crabtree.jpg (17170 bytes)
PFCs Crabtree & DeRosia

Korea.jpg (32588 bytes)
1st Marines - 1953

El Toro.jpg (33469 bytes)
El Toro 1955-58

Tent City

 Bob's Bunker 

76 Alley


Pvt to TSgt - 1949-1958


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Quantico 1958

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Albuquerque 1964

Weapons Plt.jpg (215304 bytes)
Charlie 1/9/1 1959

2nd Lieutenant to Major - 1958-1970


This R5D was in service with the U.S. Air Force during the Berlin Airlift June 1948 to Sept 1949

VMR152. MCAS El Toro, California



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Click the Log Book to see a flight entry for the R5D above from  NAS, Atsugi, Japan, via Midway Island, Barbers Point, Hawaii, NAS, Moffett Field to MCAS, El Toro, California.

The Major Walsh listed at the top of the page was Kenneth A. Walsh, the Medal of Honor  winner from World War II.  See his citation at


Maj C.jpg (228001 bytes)
Maj Gen James E. Herbold, Maj Bob, and Alma
Nov 1967

The Doc and Me
1stBn, 5th Marines
Arizona Territory - Nov 1969



"There is no honor greater than to be called "Mustang".
General Alfred M. Gray USMC, 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps and a Mustang.




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